Jul 19, 2018 – PSA – Day 4 of Week 4 – 500’s Swimmers Choice

As mentioned previously, we have a two day meet coming up this weekend and as such intensity in our sessions have dropped but distance has increased.

The session was simply 12 x 500m and the athletes in my squad this morning got to choose what each one was at the start of the session. I recommend that you not follow the sets below, but rather ask your squad what they want to do. A simple way to give them ownership of the session and allow them to be involved with the planning and execution of the session.


12×500 done as
#1 Back swim with Fins
#2 Free kick with fins
#3 done as 75 fr, 75 back for 450m plus 50m breast
#4 done as 100 sw, 100 kk, 100 sw, 100 pull 100 swim choice stroke #5 Free Pull All Gear
#6 Free swim with Fins
#7 250m IM double up on worst stroke plus 250m fr/bk/fr/bk/fr
#8 Free kick
#9 400m IM plus 100m IM
#10 kk/sw/dr/sw/kk by 100m choice stroke
#11 Breaststroke
#12 Fly kick with Fins

Workout Total: 6000

This workout was provided by Peninsula Sports Academy Head Coach Alex Webb.

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