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Jul 2016 – PSA – Three Day Training Program

Jul 2016 – PSA – Three Day Training Program

The following are three consecutive workouts which were completed on a Tuesday and Wednesday this July with a focus on anaerobic capacity and power work. Session 1 below was an anaerobic capacity workout.

Tuesday AM – Anaerobic Capacity and Aerobic Capacity

3 x 400m @ 6:20 75 free, 25 back with fins
5 x 50m @ 1:30 All Out with Race skills!! Main stroke!

100m R10 build swim freestyle
100m R10 LA1 swim
150m R15 25 ez, 25 fast freestyle
150m R15 LA1
2 x 250m R20 LA1
2 x 400m R20 LA1
8 x 100m @ 2:10 Fast kick
3 x 300m @ 4:35 / 4:45 Pull all gear, 75 fr, 25 bk

11 x 50m @ :45 kick with fins

> Swim Down choice stroke with perfect technique.

Workout Total: 6000

About Coach Alex Webb

PSA under the directorship of Alex provides Coach and Teacher development and education as well as coaching services to swim clubs. [Read Bio]

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