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Jul 7, 2016 – PSA – Fun Friday Pool Circuit Training Session

Jul 7, 2016 – PSA – Fun Friday Pool Circuit Training Session

I have recently started doing a fun but beneficial circuit training sessions on Friday mornings. This is a typical Friday AM session this season.

The group of swimmers were aged 13 to 22 years across three squad levels. What keeps age groupers and swimmers in general in sport is if the sport and specifically the training is fun and exciting.

Workout AM

Warm Up:
5 min in each lane with 1 min to switch lanes:

  • Lane 1: 75 free, 25 Back swim continuous
  • Lane 2: 25’s IM order build swim
  • Lane 3: Freestyle obstacle – climb over floating mat
  • Lane 4: 50m Free/Back swim + 10 push Ups, 10 sit ups + 25m dive sprint
  • Lane 5: Waterpolo freestyle with ball + score basketball goal in deep end before moving on.
  • Lane 6: Backstroke 25m dbl arm back + 50m single arm back + 25m swim perfect technique

Mid pool turn practice on mat – free swim to mat, then jump and somersault across mat, continue with free and repeat each time you get to the middle of the pool where the mat is floating.

7 min sets in each lane with 1 min to switch between lanes:

  • Lane 1: 25’s of Sprint free with fins and paddles. Rest 45sec after each one.
  • Lane 2: Main stroke kick as 100’s on 2:10 all fast
  • Lane 3: 25’s of bucket freestyle – pull medium size bucket on rope/cord working on distance per stroke.
  • Lane 4: Medball free kick with snorkel
  • Lane 5: Continuous backstroke kick with fins on – aim for 600m in seven minutes
  • Lane 6: 400m IM swim

Next set I divided group in two. Set is 20 x 50m IM order including underwater dolphin kick with Fins as stroke number 5! Group 1 would complete 4 x 50m of the set (for example 4 x 50’s of Fly swim) before jumping out and switching places with group 2. In other words, each group spent 4 x 50m in the water and then completed all four land exercises and repeating that sequence 5 times.

Group 1 swam 4 x 50m @ 1:00 of each stroke while Group 2 completed the following out of pool exercises:

  • 1: Push Ups
  • 2: Fast crunches
  • 3: Russian twist sit ups using balls or Medballs
  • 4: Squat hold

Ez swim down choice

Workout Total: 5000

This workout was provided by Peninsula Sports Academy Head Coach Alex Webb.

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About Coach Alex Webb

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