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Jun 1, 2015 – Podium Masters Swim Club – Speed / Speed Endurance

Jun 1, 2015 – Podium Masters Swim Club – Speed / Speed Endurance

I’ve had to relocate my Masters club for six weeks while our usual home undergoes a bit of construction.

We’re at the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs – in their outdoor pool (unfortunately no availability in the long course pool) and our time is limited to an hour. However, it’s nice swimming outdoors…and we kicked off our sessions with a nice hard workout.

The goal here is to start hard, and end really hard on each round of descending reps. I did allow folks to do stroke or IM as they wished…but if they started the 200’s as IM, then all of them needed to be IM. There’s enough rest to fully recover and maintain the high intensity throughout the workout.

The pre-set has multiple send-offs to accommodate everyone. The main set, however, provides enough rest that everyone was on the same interval.


Warm up:
300 easy / choice

4 rounds:
2 x 25 KOS (kick on stomach) @ :30 :35
1 x 100 catchup drill 1:30 1:30
1 x 100 free (or stroke / IM) @ 1:25 1:30

Main set:
3 x 200 descend 1-3 on 4:00 HARD EFFORT Start hard, finish really hard.
1 x 200 easy on 4:00
3 x 100 descend 1-3 on 3:00 HARD EFFORT Start hard, finish really hard
1 x 100 easy on 3:00
3 x 50 descend 1-3 on 2:00 HARD EFFORT Start really hard, finish harder.
1 x 50 easy on 2:00

Cool down:
200 easy choice

Workout Total: 3200

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About Dave Burgess

Coach Burgess is certified as USA Triathlon Level 2 and ASCA Level 3. Dave is also a US Masters Swimming Level 3 certified Coach. [Read Bio]

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