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Jun 14, 2016 – Peninsula Sports Academy

Jun 14, 2016 – Peninsula Sports Academy

Tuesday capacity training session with periodic spikes to increase lactate followed by swim down phases to reduce lactate to steady state levels between 1 and 2 mmol/L.

Workout AM – Capacity Training Session

7 x 100m @ 1:25 75fr25bk with fins
5 x 100m continuous SKIPS removing fins for pull and last 100m of swim
5 x 50m @ 2:30 Race quality swims with high stroke rate equal to last 50m of 100m race. Main stroke.

> Below set is done continuous with no extra breaks between swims.

3 x 400m @ 6:00

1x 75m build swim spec + 50m neg split spec, last 25m race! + 3 x 50m Dec 1-3 freestyle. Number 2 = pb +5sec, number 3 = Pb + 3sec.

4 x 250m Number 1 = swim! Number 2-4 = pull

5 x 25m @ :30 Dec 1-5 + 1 x 50m negative split + 3 x 50m Dec 1-3 free with over kick!
The over kick here will help to increase lactate.

6 x 200m Spec/free swim negative split the spec focussing on increased stroke rate!

Kick set:
Breaststroke to count kicks and maintain best average kick count with best average time.
1 x 250m @ 5:00 fast free kick
3 x 100m @ 2:00 fast spec kick
6 x 50m @ 1:00 fast choice kick

Workout Total: 6300

Additional Comments:
Spec = Speciality stroke or Main stroke
With the main set I generally aim that the set lasts between 55min to 1hr05.

About Coach Alex Webb

PSA under the directorship of Alex provides Coach and Teacher development and education as well as coaching services to swim clubs. [Read Bio]

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