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Jun 30, 2014 – Rattler Swim Club Junior Olympic Group

Jun 30, 2014 – Rattler Swim Club Junior Olympic Group

This workout covers underwater dolphin work, IM drilling, and a deconstructed IM race as a main set.

Because I work with mainly 12 & unders, I often like to take a race plan and break a set up to simulate that race plan. For IM, I’m looking for my swimmers to stay long on fly, attack back and breast, and charge home on free. The main set covers that race plan.

I also forgot to put the easy 25 on the 1:00 after the sprint 125 IM during the main set. That should be there.


600 Freestyle Swim Aerobic Base
400 NEURO IM Swim Aerobic Base
100 Choice scull

2 rounds of the following:
2 x 100 Back Kick Sprint (5 shooters + str k / Alactate) @ 02:00
4 x 50 Back Kick Fins Sprint (8 shooters + str k / Alactate) @ 01:10
6 x 25 Freestyle Swim Fins Sprint (10 shooters + sprint bk / Alactate) @ 00:30

2 rounds of the following:
4 x 25 Fly w/ fins and paddles @ 00:40
50 Freestyle Swim (Two touch / DPS by 25) @ 00:55
2 x 125 IM (50 bk/ 50 Br/ 25 fly) Swim @ 01:50
50 Back Swim (Tea cup 12 kick switch) @ 00:55
4 x 25 Freestyle Ez Swim @ 00:30

2 rounds of the following:
4 x 25 Butterfly Swim Aerobic Base (Perfect Fly, focus on DPS each 25) @ 00:25
4 x 50 Back Drill/Swim Anaerobic Threshold (25 stop-rotate-sink, 25 build to 100%) @ 00:50
4 x 75 Breaststroke Drill/Swim Anaerobic Threshold (25 double kick, 50 build each 25 to 100%, focus on walls, TN turns on each wall) @ 01:20
4 x 25 Freestyle From a dive, SPRINT! (Alactate) @ 00:25
125 IM Swim Sprint (Rd 1: double up Bk – Rd 2: double up Br / Alactate) @ 02:00

100 Freestyle Swim Aerobic Base


Additional Comments:
I have funky names for drills so if you don’t understand the drills or what they are, I would be more then happy to explain. Please use the comments below to ask questions.

This free workout was provided by Rattler Swim Club Head Age Group Coach Adrian Dinis.

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About Adrian Dinis

Adrian Dinis is the Head Age Group Coach of MESA Aquatics and has coached swimmers of all ages and abilities for over 15 years. [Full Bio]

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Robin Loyola

Hi Adrian – please – an explanation of all your drills would be appreciated as well as what you mean by NEURO IM. Many thanks!