Mar 14, 2014 – Haddington and District ASC

Aerobic individual medley intermediate level swim workout.


Warm-up (Kit: Snorkel):
4×200 as 100 FS/ 50 No.1 drill/ 50 No.1

Fly (Kit: Fins):
12x25m Fly swim on 45s

  • Ensure double kicking (Kick in kick out)
  • Head should be look downwards
  • Push Chin forward to breathe
  • Push hands backwards NOT downwards on the breathing stroke

Pull & Kick Kit: Pullbuoy, Paddles & Fins, snorkel may be used:
4×25 BK Pull on 40s
75 Fly Kick on 1:30
4×25 FS Pull on 40s
75 BK Kick on 1:30
4×25 Fly Pull on 40s
100 FS kick on 2:00

Main Set Kit: Snorkel if wished:

Distance Round 1 Time Round 2 Time Round 3 Time
4x25m BK Sprint 45s Breast Sprint 45s FS Sprint 45s
2x50m No.1 Drill 1:05/1:10 FS Drill 1:05 No.1 Drill 1:05/1:10
4x100m FS swim 1:45/1:50 IM swim 1:50/2:00 FS Swim 1:45/1:50
2x50m Worst stroke Drill 1:15/1:20 No.1 Drill 1:15/1:20 Worst Stroke Drill 1:15/1:20
200m IM Swim 3:40/3:50 FS Breathe 3,5,3,5 3:20/3:30 IM Swim 3:40/3:50

10×25 Fast Turns(FS) on 30s

Warm Down:
400 Choice


This free workout was provided by Haddington and District ASC Head Coach Senga Restorick.

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