Mar 26, 2016 – Ellesmere College Titans – Distance Group Race Pace

This has been a set we’ve built up over a six week period and we peaked with this for the distance guys.


8×100 (75 free / 10 front scull / 15 build fly) 1.30
4×150 free pull build 50’s 2.15
8×50 Variable pace (2 each 1) ~/! 2) !/~ 3) build 4) Race Pace)

Main set:
Dive 200 free @ 800 or 1500 RP minus 4 sec on 2.30
6×100 free @ 800 or 1500 RP on 1.15
Push 200 free @ 800 or 1500 RP
300 choice recovery
Repeat set x3

Recovery Set:
8×200 fins + paddles bk swim (turning poles @ 8m) on 3′
Keeping the catch deep and focused on slow swimming / recovery

Workout Total: 7300

Additional Comments:
The distance group I have is really progressing well this season with 5-6 ranked inside the Top 5 in their Age Group currently so the results are coming and we’re focused on July/August racing so I’d expect the big drops then.

This workout was provided by Ellesmere College Titans Head Coach Alan Bircher.

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7 years ago

What kind (energy systems) main sets ?

7 years ago

What is the important of the paddles/fins in the recovery training from Physiology point of view ?

Recovery Set: 8×200 fins + paddles bk swim (turning poles @ 8m) on 3′ –