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Mar 7, 2014 – Haddington and District ASC

Mar 7, 2014 – Haddington and District ASC

Individual medley swim workout from the Jack Mack’s squad archives.


Warm-up (all on 1:10):
4x50m as FS count Strokes (DPS) & Decrease by 25’s
4x50m as 25m underwater/25m back
4x50m as 25m breast arms & fly kick
4x50m as fly single arm

FS Tech with fins & snorkel (on 1:05:
8x50m alternating Ripple & Overreach

Kick Set with fins:
2×50 FS max kick on 55s/65s
100 Bk swim on 2:00/2:10
2×50 FS max kick on 55s/65s
100 Bk Swim on 2:00/2:10
2×50 FS MAX kick 55s/65s

IM Set with fins (snorkels may be used):
100 Fly kick on 2:05/2:15 – work from chest & hips DO NOT LIFT HEELS LIFT BACKS OF KNEES
4x50m fly/bk on 60s – by 25’s
100BK kick on 2:05/2:15 – rolling kick, hips high & head still
4x50m bk/brst on 60s – brst with fly or fs kick
100 BRST kick – remove fins!! Thumbs locked & streamlined 2:15/2:30
4x50m brst/fs on 60 – by 25’s can wear fins if previous turnaround time allows
200 IM – strong kick, fly or fs kick in brst on 3:30/3:40

BK & FS Swim Pull set with pullbuoy & paddles:
50 Bk Pull on 60s pull & padd
100BK swim 1;55/2:00/2:10
150 BK Pull on 3:00 pull & padd
200 BK Swim 3:40/3:50
200 FS swim 3:25/3:35/3:45
150 FS Pull on 2:55/3:05/3:15
100 FS Swim on 1:50/1:55/2:00
50 FS Pull on 60s pull & padd
10×100 FS on 1:50/2:00

Warm Down:
200 Choice

Workout Total: 4800

This free workout was provided by Haddington and District ASC Head Coach Senga Restorick.

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About Senga Restorick

Coach Senga Restorick is an ASA/UKCC level 3 swimming coach, and is licensed at level 3. She has been coaching at Haddington since 2006. [Read Bio]

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