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May 19, 2015 – Scarborough Swim Club

May 19, 2015 – Scarborough Swim Club

My club has now been temporarily removed from the Pan Am Pool in Scarborough so the games committee can start preparations for the games this summer.


I will now go from 3 LC mornings to 3 SCY mornings (yes, we do have yards pools in Canada). This practice is our first yards practice of the season. I have added some components of short rest and speed work as we are nearing the end of our training cycle and heading into some racing weekends.


500 Freestyle Swim @ 08:00
200 Choice Kick @ 04:00

Set (3 Rounds):
2 x 100 Freestyle Swim @ 01:30
1 x 100 Freestyle Swim @ 02:00
3 x 50 Freestyle Swim @ 00:35

Set (3 Rounds):
4 x 75 I.M-Free Drill (Choice drill/ free=overkick) @ 01:15
3 x 50 I.M. Transition Swim (Fast walls) @ 01:00
2 x 25 I.M. order/round Swim Max ! @ 00:40
1 x 100 Freestyle Swim EZ @ 02:00

Warm down:
3 x 300 Best-Free Pull 50/50 (Free Breathing 5) @ 05:00

Workout Total: 4750

This free workout was provided by Scarborough Swim Club Head Coach Darren Ward.

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About Darren Ward

Coach Ward has been coaching professionally in Canada for the past 20 Years. Currently Darren is the Head Coach of the Scarborough Swim Club. [Read Bio]

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