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May 3, 2016 – T2 Aquatics – 75s for Mid Distance and Sprinters

May 3, 2016 – T2 Aquatics – 75s for Mid Distance and Sprinters

We had an awesome practice working on 75s at race pace. The two sets are done with the 4×50 between as detailed below.

The set has two parts, and both parts are equally important. The second set should be the fastest! We have done quite a few 75s, but not enough focused 25s for our sprint athletes. This set finishes on 25s, so it’s a bit different from our normal active rest set where we start with 25s, then get to 50s on the way to finish with 75s (which I think should be the way to go 60-80 percent of the time).

May 3, 2016 - T2 Aquatics


A (3x):
1×150 Free-Back-Breast (230)
1×100 Pull (130)
1×50 Drill-Build Swim (1)

16×25 (40) as
odds Drill – 1 round Free + 1 round Stroke
evens alternate :05 wall K +12.5y sprint & scull into sprint final 7.5 into finish

1×150 Pull 4.5.6 x50 (215) {Breaststrokers all 150s BBF}
4×50 Pull (55) descend {Breaststrokers, all 50s 2K1P}
1×100 Pull x25 (130)
3×50 Pull (50) descend
1×50 Pull 4.5 x25 (1)
2×50 Pull (45) descend

D (Stroke = Fly, Back, Breast, or Free):
1×300 Free (420) + 2×75 Stroke (120)*descend 1-2
1×200 Free (3) + 2×50 Stroke (1)*descend 1-2
1×100 Free (140) + 2×25 Stroke (40)*descend 1-2

4×50 Free-non Free (110)
Transition into second part of the set (below, single 75s)

1×150 Free (230) + 1×75 Stroke (130)**Fast
1×100 Free (2) + 1×50 Stroke (120)**Fast
1x 50 Free (130) + 1×25 Stroke (110)**Fast

4×50 Free-Back (55)

9×100 Pull as 3- (130) 5th, 3- (125) Neg, rest 15, 3- (120) descend 2nd 50

4×50 Free-Back (55)

8×50 FINS (120)
> light push-off, slow down to stop, balance, accelerate to 90% to 15Y; rest to (30); fast 10Y in,
10Y out of turn; 15Y easy

1×100 easy

Workout Total: 5200

Additional Comments:
We still need more 25s under our belt. I’m going to motivate my training group to do a better job on 25s that we do during “Pre-Sets”, “Post-Sets”, and warmups. We can use those 25s to build better 50s and 75s. I think great 75s are essential to swim strong LCM 100s and 50s, and strong SCY 200s and 100s (and 50s).

This workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

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About Paul Yetter

Paul Yetter became NBAC’s Head Senior Coach in November 2016. Prior to the Fall of 2016, Paul was the Head Coach of T2 Aquatics (Naples, FL 2010-2016). [Read Bio]

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