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May 30, 2016 – PSA – General Aerobic Mixed Training Session

May 30, 2016 – PSA – General Aerobic Mixed Training Session

Typical Monday morning training session during week 2 of our three week training cycle.

The session is a mixed session with Kick, Pull and Drill sets added in. All sets were short rest sets.


16 x 50m to on :50 Freestyle with Fins
Focus is on leaving perfectly on time, strong push off, tight streamlines, smooth breakouts, tight turns and strong finishes.

12 x 25m 6 x Free, 6 x Speciality on :45
Focus on strong push off in streamline and strong downhill finishes.

Kick Set – all fast:
200m Free on 4:00
3 x 100m Speciality on 2:00
4 x50m choice on 1:00

9 x 100m Speciality Kick/swim/drill/swim by 25m on 1:45

24 x 25m on :30 odd = Perfect drill choice — even = Perfect technique swim, same as odd 25 (Fins optional)

4 x 300m on 4:30 75free25back Pull with buoy, band and paddles

10 x 50m on :45 choice swim with Fins and paddles

Senior squad team talk on club and squad culture

Workout Total: 5000

This workout was provided by Peninsula Sports Academy Head Coach Alex Webb.

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About Coach Alex Webb

PSA under the directorship of Alex provides Coach and Teacher development and education as well as coaching services to swim clubs. [Read Bio]

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