Nov 14, 2022 – Swiss Army Team

Week three for the athletes of Team Armee at BASPO in Magglingen starting with a morning workout as we got to switch training groups on this Monday with Swiss Short Course Nationals set to begin on Friday. All three athletes were doing a mix of aerobic (recovery) including speed and sprint work.

Below is the workout from Robin Yeboah focusing on the sprint events (50 & 100 fly, back, free). Leading into Swiss Short Course Nationals in just a couple of weeks, we continued to follow the plan from his home coach best possible during these first few weeks of basic training with the army.

Workout – Sprint

300 50 Cr, 25 Rü, 50 Cr, 25 Br, 50 Cr BS, 25 WZ, 75 Beliebig
600 Flossen 100 Cr, 100 Rü, 100 BS ohne Brett

2×150 GL kp 100 Cr, 50 EL letzte 15 steigern bis voll

4×50 BS 1x TU, 1x (25 steigern, 25 locker), 1x TU, 1x 15 MAX
4×50 GL 1x 15 mit Frequenz Polo, 1x 15 Anschlag voll

6×100 Cr AEC1 (1x Cr; 1x 75 Cr, 25 De oder Rü) @1’40

4×50 BS 1x TU, 1x (25 steigern, 25 locker), 1x TU, 1x 15 MAX

100 easy locker


This workout was provided by Swiss Army Team Coach Nico Messer in collaboration with SVB Coach Xavier Fleury.

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