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Nov 23, 2015 – T2 Aquatics – “Add on” 100s

Nov 23, 2015 – T2 Aquatics – “Add on” 100s

The Kick-Swim set is typical for our Monday afternoon workouts (we kick a major kick set in the morning on Monday). The set of 100s Freestyle is a nice way to start the week for us.

We are going to come back with 30×100 Free on (110), most likely next Monday…so this set (100s on 105) will gear up the athletes and get them ready. The kick set at the end will be tough! We need to get a full team of kids kicking on 40 to finish the workout…we will see who can step up this morning.

We have a B interval on the workout, and a shorter warm-up and finish set for those on the B interval. Those intervals are not included here…but generally are :05 slower per repeat.


1×900 Free (1115) — 450 — 50R 50L; 450 – Descend 225s
3×100 Kick (135) – mixed
1×600 Free IM (8) — 100 Mod / 50 Fast
3×100 Pull (115) — 5th
1×300 Pull (345) — Double Negative Split

4×50 Kick-Swim Back (45)
5×50 Kick-Swim Breast (50)
6×50 Kick-Swim Free (55)
7×50 Kick-Swim Fly (1)

25×100 Free:
1×100 (115), 1×100 (110), 1×100* (105)
Repeat 1/1/2*, 1/1/3*, 1/1/4*, 1/1/5*

1×200 easy

30×50 3 Swim Free, 3 Kick Free* (40)

6×50 (1) Free-Back w/underwater turns

Workout Total: 8000

Additional Comments:
Thanks to Coach Bowman, I think I stole this progression (add on 100s) from his workout book.

This free workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

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About Paul Yetter

Paul Yetter became NBAC’s Head Senior Coach in November 2016. Prior to the Fall of 2016, Paul was the Head Coach of T2 Aquatics (Naples, FL 2010-2016). [Read Bio]

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What target mix kick / swim for 30×50?

Nico Messer

As you can read above in Coach Yetter’s description, the group is coming off a “test set” of 25×100 and he wants to finish strong challenging them with the intervals for the 50’s kicking.

In a different scenario as we discussed before, kicking towards the end of a hard practice is widely used to recover.