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NTC Aquatics – Morning Speed

NTC Aquatics – Morning Speed

We wanted to emphasize some of the work done the night before, this morning. Our compliment was to work on some speed this morning just to get the group ready for great morning swims in championship kids of events.

However, our last set was directed to get some pace done for 200 races. Some of my impressions with this group is how we lack some closing speed in our races. We need to fix that issue and here is one way to achieve that task.

NTC Aquatics Morning SpeedWorkout

400 FR – 4×100 IM – 4×50 Choice

Pre set:
6X75’S (IM order + 50 Free) @10′ rest and @2:00
*75’S are build IM – 50’S are sprint free

4X(2X25 + 50 + 100 + 50 + 2X25) 25’S @ 30′
50’S @ 50′
100’S @ 1:15
Free and main stroke

3X (4X25 + 50)
25’S @ 30′ Quality kicking
50’S @ 1:00 Nice and relaxed swimming with excellent walls, streamlines, breakouts.
Free and main stroke

Main set:
3X50’S + 50
Rest interval: @ 10′
Take an extra 30′ rest before the last 50!
The goal is to be well under your personal best time as you hold Pace200 the whole time!

Warm down:
200-400 Free/backstroke


Additional Comments
Many personal best times were achieved at the end of the session. Mission accomplished for those able to reach the goal of the morning. As we all know how difficult is to “swim fast” in the morning, it is also just as important to “swim smart” and to understand the importance of hitting pace in practice as we prepare our student athletes for the this summer.

This free workout was provided by NTC Aquatics Head Coach Ozzie Quevedo.

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About Ozzie Quevedo

Ozzie Quevedo is in his first season as an assistant coach at Florida State. Quevedo comes to FSU after serving as an assistant coach at Auburn. [Full Bio]

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Colin Martin

On the Pre-Set…
Is it 3 x 75 IM order and then a 50 free (two 50’s total)? Or a 50 Free after each stroke (so 6 total)?

Nico Messer

Dear Colin,

here’s what Coach Ozzie had to say regarding your question.

“The intention was to do a 75(25 of each stroke), 10′ rest and blast a 50 free.”