NTC Aquatics – Specific Training Week

Specific Training Weeks for our Club Team are about preparing our student athletes in detail for whatever target competition we are aiming at. The week itself includes about 40-55 KM of pure training.

We like for swimmers at this stage to do more IM work as broken IM sets. We also like to do our “pre race warm-up” for everyone in question at this time; just so we can create a positive culture and ownership from the swimmers to their performances.


400 FR, 3X100 IM, 2X50 Choice
400 Kick, 4X50 Kick
400 Pull, 4X50 Pull

8X50’S 25 Drill/25 Swim @1:00

12X25’S NTCA Way (EZ/Fast, Fast/EZ, All out, DPS) @30

1X100 Easy, relaxed

6-8X50’S Pace @1:30

200 DPS (Distance per stroke), overkick, working on walls, streamlines

8 perfect starts, mix strokes, etc

Race Pace:
4 X through the whole set:
3X50 as 50 Fly, 50 BK, 50 BR @1:00 at 200 race pace
2X50 Dive and then push at 200 race pace freestyle both!
1X100 IM @ 2:00 at half 200 race pace
1X50 Dive, 50 BR all out!
300 Freestyle, swim down @ 7:00

Swim down:
200 Relaxed

8 perfect turns, mix strokes, etc

Warm down:
400 easy, working on turns and streamlines


Additional Comments
We really like to utilize these kind of sets more as a team set than other goal. Our swimmers get really engaged and begin racing each other and usually something great comes out.

This free workout was provided by NTC Aquatics Head Coach Ozzie Quevedo.

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