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Oct 15, 2016 – Special Team Nuoto (C.N.Posillipo)

This is the last workout of this week (general period 2º mesocycle) and it is an aerobic training (200 mt A2) with focus on anaerobic alactacid (1×25 max) immediately after the aerobic and a good work on the 5th stroke (underwater kick fly, turns).

30 minutes after the swim, gym with dumbbells for the legs and plank on the sagittario plane for the sprinters and rotational plane for the long distance swimmers. We always swim in a 50 meter pool, but on the Saturday in a 25 meter pool.


10 x 100 at 2’15” Stile +mx – Aerobico Blando A1 – Nuoto Ad Un Braccio A Stile E Dorso + Completo

30 x 25 Delfino – Anaerobico Alattacido C3 – Gambe

12 x 225 at 3’30” Stile Libero – A2 +C3 – Completo

10 x 100 at 2’10” Stile Libero – A2 +C3 – Gambe

12 x 100 at 1’30” Stile Libero – Capacità Aerobica A2 – Braccia Con Molla E Pull

5 x 200 at 3’10” Dorso – Capacità Aerobica A2 – Completo

Instructions for athletes:
10×100 DISPARI PS 35 1br (3 pugni 3 normali )15 completo. PARI MISTI A ROTAZIONE 25 sub 25 remate 25 ex 25 completo SERIE COMPLETA 3x(10×25) 1a serie SUB MAX laterale cambio ogni 25 2a serie DISPARI 15 sub frontale 10 max PARI 25 max 3a SERIE Dispari PARTENZA CON VIRATA TUTTO SUB VIRATA SUB A 12.5 e ritorno. PARI PARTENZA DA METÀ VASCA 12,5 max virata e sub a 12.5 12×200 A2 a 2.40 sub lunghe a 3/4/5/6 colpi 25 max da 13. VELOCI x 10 Serie completa gambe 10×50 A2 +2×25 C3 a 15 /20 sec max 5 serie ps 5 ds. Angelo RANA 12×100 braccia. 75 A2. 25 remate max Altri x10 5×200 dorso sub a 6 gbate. 4 A3 1 A2


This workout was provided by Special Team Nuoto (C.N.Posillipo) Head Coach Rosario Castellano.

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About Rosario Castellano

Coach Rosario Castellano was born in Naples and had swimmers participate in various editions of the Italian Youth and Senior Championships. [Read Bio]

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