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Oct 19, 2016 – Haddington ASC

Oct 19, 2016 – Haddington ASC

October Holidays led to a sparsely attended session, allowing myself and my Assistant Coach to put together a core dominated swim/land session after a breaststroke kick set.

We were working on stations of 4 minutes – I’m sure the swimmers enjoyed it!


8×100 as 75 FS/25 Brst Kick (may sure your streamline is tight, 4 dolphins of each FS length,)

Breast Technique:
12×50 as
4×50 Breast kick chin on surface
4×50 Breast kick with kickboard
4×50 Breast Kick streamlined (snorkels) Emphasis on core holding body position

Swim Circuit:

Station 1 (full 4 min)
Hula Hoop

Station 2 (30 sec each)
Half boat crunches
Russian twists

Station 3 (1 min each alternating)
Star jumps

Station 4 (4 mins)

Station 5 (30 sec each)
Single Leg raises
Double leg raises
Bicycle crunches
Scissor legs

Station 6 (10 sec rest each end)
25m underwater fly + Fins

Station 7 (10 sec rest each end)
100 IM (until time is up)

Workout Total: 1400 (plus circuit)

This workout was provided by Haddington ASC Head Coach Senga Restorick.

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About Senga Restorick

Coach Senga Restorick is an ASA/UKCC level 3 swimming coach, and is licensed at level 3. She has been coaching at Haddington since 2006. [Read Bio]

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Stuart Dustan

During holiday periods, it can be refreshing and enjoyable to plan activities not related to swimming, to provide swimmers with some light-relief, whilst maintaining a small volume of race-pace training. Although, the studies and evidence available with regards to land-based training/strength training has shown, either, very little or no correlation (no benefits) to a competitive swimmer’s performance.

Similarly, isolated kick training is also not related to performance/technique improvements – for one, it does not follow the principle of specificity. It is not useful beyond a recovery practice.

Nico Messer
As I’m trying to learn more about USRPT and getting a better understanding for it, your inputs do help those reflections. One thing regarding the kicking, would be interesting to hear more about – if training and improving your kick is not related to performance improvements why would you say it seems to be an asset all great short to mid-distance athletes have? I also heard from Michael Andrew’s father (his Coach) the statement about land-based training. It seems that he hasn’t done any conditioning until maybe last year. However, it seems that they do think that at his age,… Read more »
Stuart Dustan
Nico, Re. Kicking: I was referring to isolated kick training, e.g. kick with a board – this is not related to performance improvements. Re. Kicking amongst short-, middle-distance swimmers, are you sure this is an asset? Is there performance enhanced by their kick? This is a questionable area and, one I am looking into. Re. Land training: It could be, you’re right. I think the main issue is when the land training becomes a dominant element of a swimmer’s training. There is little justification with dedicating too much time to land training, instead, get in the pool and practice race-pace… Read more »