Oct 27, 2016 – T2 Aquatics – Training IM Components

We want to move forward with our overall fitness levels while having the chance to swim some relaxed, fast 25s with Fly, Back, and Breast.

We’d also like to work on specific IM skills throughout the set, like building tempo through Backstroke repeats and attacking Breaststroke walls. This is going to be a great workout for our athletes. See comments below for more info on the main set.


5×100 Free (120) – 50R 50L
1×400 Kick (640) – mixed
5×100 IM D/S (130) – Drill SSD Fly and 3R 3L Breast
1×400 Pull (520) – 50 Free moderate + 50 Backstroke Negative Split Tempo

1×75 Free (1)
1×50 Stroke Drill (50) – 1 Fly, 1 Back, 1 Breast x2
1×25 Stroke Swim – 1 Fly, 1 Back, 1 Breast x2

4×200 (250) 50 Free + 50 Kick Breast + 75 Drill Back + rest to (220) + 25 Swim Back (30)
5×150 (205) 50 Free + 25 Kick Fly + 50 Drill Breast + rest to (135) + 25 Swim Breast (30)
6×100 (130) 50 Free + 25 Drill Fly + rest to (110) + 25 Swim Fly (30)

4×50 Free-Back (55)

1×200 Pull (230)
1×100 Pull (115) Neg Split
1×50 Pull (45) 5th

4×50 Human stroke-Back (1)

> 2 starts

Workout Total: 7000

Additional Comments:
The intervals on the main set will be somewhat tight on the 200s, then a bit more relaxed through the 150s and the 100s. All repeats are split so the last 25 is “stroke swim”, which will end up being relaxed 25s at 100 or 200 IM pace, with a stroke rate that is either race tempo or just shy of race tempo (maybe 1 stroke cycle less than racing cycle count).

The 900 yard pre set should be done well, and the mindset should be that the 25s will be done at a certain stroke count and a certain time — which should relate to the athlete’s race.

The 25s on the pre-set may end up being one stroke cycle less than the cycle used during the main set. The main set stroke count should be right on or one under the stroke count used in racing.

This workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

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