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Plantation Swim Team – CrossFit Swimming

Plantation Swim Team – CrossFit Swimming

Swim workout from the team in Plantation incorporating some CrossFit elements.


Warm-up – 3 Rounds:
150 @2:30 Choice
100 @1:50 Back
50 @1:10 Breast

3 x 400 @6:00 Free Hold Goal TT

Cross Fit Swim 40 Seconds on 40 Seconds to Change Stations – 6 Rounds:

  • Station 1. Band Pull
  • Station 2. 50 Meter Sprint Swim Stroke Choice
  • Station 3. Chair Squats
  • Station 4. In Water Streamline Jumps With Dolphin Kick
  • Station 5. Push-ups or Dips – Switch each round.

Every on Swims 200 as 100 Back 100 IM @4:00 Then get ready for next round.

3 Rounds:
2 x 50 @1:10 Kick Free TT-52
1 x 100 @1:50 Smooth

200-300 Choice

Workout Total: 4600

This free workout was provided by Plantation Swim Team Head Coach Jimmy Parmenter.

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About Jimmy Parmenter

Coach Jimmy has been coaching with the Plantation Swim Team since 1990. In 2000, Coach Jimmy took over the program as Head Coach. [Read Bio]

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