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Plantation Swim Team – Race For Presents

Plantation Swim Team – Race For Presents

This is a PST tradition for practice on Christmas Eve morning sponsored by the PST Booster Club. We have a Race for Presents workout (of course everyone shows up for this practice.)

  1. We have enough gifts so that all athletes at the practice receive a gift (we purchased mostly goofy gifts, and a few nice gifts).
  2. We do 3000 general warm-up (the warm-up basically helps me figure out how many presents we actually need).
  3. We line everyone up side by-side and race 25, 50, 75, and 100’s. Whatever the coach decides. Example: Every race is to standing.
    1. First race is 25 freestyle. On coaches ‘go’, everyone races a 25 freestyle to feet, athlete must climb out and stand up. Winner of that race is first to pick a number out of hat for present, and is finished racing for the day. They can relax and cheer their teammates on.
    2. Second race might be 25 fly, 25 breast to standing. Winner gets out picks his/her present.
    3. Once everyone has raced and has a number, dry off.
    4. Basically, start the Chinese Christmas Exchange with a 3 exchange per present limit.

Note: just because you’re the fastest athlete on the team doesn’t mean you pick first or get the best present. Fastest swimmers basically swim less.

This free workout was provided by Plantation Swim Team Head Coach Jimmy Parmenter.

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About Jimmy Parmenter

Coach Jimmy has been coaching with the Plantation Swim Team since 1990. In 2000, Coach Jimmy took over the program as Head Coach. [Read Bio]

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