Podium Training Systems – Threshold / Speed Endurance Workouts

This is one of my favorite sets for working on speed endurance. This one really works on maintaining speed over your race distance.

While there’s no solid send-off, I usually have my athletes start off the main set at target perceived race pace effort. The main set here was built to work on both lactate tolerance, as well as strength endurance – an interesting combination that really works the athletes hard. This is great for Olympic distance, 70.3, or Xterra racing.

The downloadable PDF file also contains session examples for your cycling and running training. If you’re interested to become a better triathlete and work with Coach Burgess, you can find out more about his custom coaching plans at https://www.podiumtraining.com/coaching-1/.

Workout #1

300 easy swim
200 kick
300 pull or easy swim

8 x 50 On 1:00 – 1:10
1st length drill (Fist swim, dog paddle, whatever is required for the athlete); 2nd length swim easy

8 x 100 Descend 1-4, 5-8 On 1:35

Main set:
3 x 800
Broken out as 4 x 200 on :10 rest Descend the 200’s in each 800; 1 minute rest after each 800

Cool down:
200 pull – easy – focus on form 200 swim easy

Workout Total: 3300

Additional Comments:
The warm-up set send-off times can be adjusted as needed for your athletes. For the 8 x 100 – descending – I like to ensure they have at least :20 rest for the first effort. The main set can be adjusted to 3 x 600’s or 400’s depending on the athlete and their (or your) ability – they can still descend each effort by 200’s or 100’s as the case may be.

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