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Sep 20, 2017 – Podium Training – Senior Team Stroke and Form Session

Sep 20, 2017 – Podium Training – Senior Team Stroke and Form Session

The early season training continues. Stroke work, kicking, and a little intensity are on the schedule today.

Easy send-offs ensuring lots of rest so we can focus on form and not over-taxing the swimmers. Nothing fancy, just good solid work.


600 easy

4 x 200 done as 50 drill, 150 swim @ 3:30

Main sets:
24 x 50 with fins @ :55
1-8 = Butterfly; Odds kick, evens swim
9-16 = Backstroke; Odds 4 right arm, 4 left arm. Evens swim
17-24 = Odds breast with dolphin kick, evens free

1 x 400 kick
1 x 200 swim
1 x 300 kick
1 x 200 swim
1 x 200 kick
1 x 200 swim
1 x 100 kick
1 x 200 swim

Kick efforts on 2:10 base 100. Swim efforts on 3:45. Kick is hard effort. Swim efforts are done as 35m fly, 35m back, 30m breast then 100 free. Last 200 swim is a 200 IM.

4 x 50 from push; best time + :06 target; on 2:30

Cool down:
600 swim with fins and snorkel

Workout Total: 5200

This workout was provided by Podium Training Systems Coach Dave Burgess.

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About Dave Burgess

Coach Burgess is certified as USA Triathlon Level 2 and ASCA Level 3. Dave is also a US Masters Swimming Level 3 certified Coach. [Read Bio]

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