Sep 25, 2018 – Bromsgrove Swimming Club

This is a workout we did last week. We are up to 2500-3000m per hour of aerobic work and gradually increasing the volume of higher intensity work now and trying to hold our skills under pressure.

To write my workouts I’m using Jan Olbrechts ‘Science of Winning‘ guidelines for targeting specific training zones, and Jon Urbanceks colour charts based on test data for each swimmer.

I’m using fins more these days with kick and very rarely using boards any more. We are tending to use snorkels or kick on our backs to take pressure off shoulders and promote a better body position. I like to do hypoxic pull but always make sure the kids get enough O2 and rest after each interval (especially after working hard) because of the shallow water blackout risk.


Warm Up A1 [Take 15SR after each part]:
1 x 800m FRIM as 150 Swim, 50 Kick [Each stroke]
4 x 125m FRIM as 75 Drill, 25 PERFECT swim, 25 Build to a race quality last 5m [ 1 round each stroke]

Speed SP:
8 x 50m @ 1:15 alt rounds Free / Choice [Sprint 5m into wall + 10m out go 10 apart]

Anaerobic Threshold Endurance AT 2x:
1 x 50m Choice [No Free] @ 1:00 [Best average]
2 x 100m Choice [No Free] @ 2:00 [25m @ 100m stroke rate & stroke count, 75m Recovery]
1 x 200m Free @ 3:30 [Hold white]
1 x 400m Free @ 6:30 [Hold pink]
[Use data from 400m average test for goal paces on free swims]

Kick + Fins A2:
5 x 100m Back Kick @ 1:50 [1 Hard, 4 Steady]
5 x 100m Back Kick @ 1:55 [2 Hard, 3 Steady]
5 x 100m Back Kick @ 2:00 [3 Hard, 2 Steady]

Pull + Paddles A2 2x:
1 x 300m Free @ 5:20 [Breathe by 3]
1 x 200m Free @ 3:40 [Breathe by 3/7 each 25]

Cool Down A1:
1 x 200m Back alternate 3/5/7 Fly Kicks off each wall


This workout was provided by Bromsgrove Swimming Club Head Coach Matthew Lowe.

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