SouthWest STARS – Old School meets the New School

I’m a true believer in that swimmers have to do “work” to be successful. On the other hand, I don’t like doing boring sets that are painful to watch and not very motivating.

I hear coaches talking all the time about “cool” sets they do with their kids that are fun, but I have a hard time wanting to do them because they are sometimes too easy or I don’t really see a point in them.

I decided to do a “tough” yet fun circuit set with my swimmers with my new team on Saturday. I was more than pleased with the results and my swimmers have a new sense of what getting work done is.


1 Round
1 x 400 choice
4 x 100 choice
4 x 50 choice

1 Round
4 x 200 kickboard tap drill
4 x 100 Kayak Drill
4 x 50 Rainshower drill

4 Rounds
10 x 50 FAST!
Start in Lane 1 – 15 butterfly pulls with on land stretch cords then step on on the block and GO!
Rest is getting out of the pool to the next lane and repeat (we have a 10 lane pool). After #10 get out and do 20 med ball throw downs then 50 dips on the bench and then a “Bear Crawl” back to the Lane 1

1 x 100 EZ

5 x 200 butterfly kick on back with fins

4 Rounds
on the gutter
1:00 Rocky sit ups
1:00 Russian twists

5 Rounds
1 minute Rocket ships (Streamline jumps from the bottom of the pool)

1 x 200 EZ warm down


Additional Comments:
Nothing like doing 40 x 50s ALL OUT! to get some “work” done…and a total body workout at the same time. The stretch cords helped my swimmers maintain a good finish on their strokes. I had two swimmers that did it all butterfly.

This free workout was provided by SouthWest STARS Head Coach Justin Correia.

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7 years ago

Sorry – not familiar – what is the rain shower drill?