T2 Aquatics – Variation 1 “Active Rest Resistance”

This practice is the first in a series of 4 practices we are using for T2 Aquatics Masters athletes.

The type of work we are doing here is similar to the work we have been doing with Michelle Konkoly (2016 Paralympic 50/100 Champion) and also similar to the work we’ve done with then 35-year old USA National Team member Erika Erndl.

You can find a different type of resistance work on PSW. This type of training here “Active Rest Resistance” will take an athlete from a resistance exercise directly into a swimming exercise. We get some great 25s off of this type of training!

The major difference with our Masters practices (when compared to our Post Graduate practices) is that Michelle and Erika did more warming up on a daily basis, and each performed a slightly higher average of 25 yard repetitions with the parachutes; this practice, being geared toward Masters swimmers, will get the athlete “in and out” of the water in 70 minutes.


1×200 or 1×100 mix
2×100 (R20) 75 Swim + 25 Kick on Side
2×100 (R20) 75 Swim + rest 10 + 25 Build
2×100 (R20) 75 Swim + rest 20 + 15M fast, easy to wall
or do 1×100 of each

Drill/Speed Set:
4x {2×25 Drill 3+6 (40) + 1×25 Stroke Count/Time (40)}

3×100 patterned breathing 3rd, 4th, or 5th (130) (140) (150) (2) (215) (230)

2×25 Chute (40) (50)
1×25 Swim (40) (50) + 1×25 easy (120) (140)

1×25 Chute (40) (50)
1×25 Swim (40) (50)+ 1×50 easy (2) (240)

2x: with Fins
1×25 Chute (40) (50)
2×25 Sw (40) (50) + 1×75 ez (240) (320)

12×25 (40) FINS
odds: 2 stroke cycles build + 2 stroke cycles fast + easy to wall
evens: 2 stroke cycles fast + 4 count thumb lock kick

4×50 Free-Back (1) with underwater turns

Workout Total: 2500

Additional Comments:
This workout will give an athlete a nice sense of what it’s like to work it hard on the parachutes, and then swim fast coming off the parachutes. This is a great workout to practice building speed with an efficient stroke!

This workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

Active Rest Resistance Series

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