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Coach Pierce on Teaching Ownership

This practice allows the swimmers to take a little bit of ownership of the main set. They will be able to pick and choose the distances they will be swimming.

2 x 500 10:00 Every 4th lap Backstroke

2 x 200 4:00 Kick

6 x 75 1:30 Drill/Kick/Swim

10 x 50 :50 Free

Main Set

Fly Free Back Breast IM
300/250/200 1200/1100/1000 750/650/600 750/650/600 800/700/600
200/175/150 1000/900/800 600/550/500 600/550/500 600/500/500
150/125/100 800/700/600 350/300/250 350/300/250 400/400/300
100/100/75 500/450/400 200/200/150 200/200/150 200/200/200
50/50/25 300/275/250 100/100/75 100/100/75 100/100/100

2 x 200 Easy

Additional Comments
The main set is quite simple. You need to swim every stroke across the top of the set and you need to swim from each of the 5 rows. You can only use each row once. Once a row is used it can not be used again. You will see 3 different distances for each row. This is because we varied a lot with talent on the high school team I coached when we did this set. So the first distance is for the advanced swimmers, second for the intermediate and third for the novice swimmers.

If the swimmers are smart (which we all know every swimmer is) it will take them no time to figure out the least amount of yardage that they can do.

This free workout was provided by Cabrini College Swimming Assistant Coach Kevin Pierce.

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About Kevin Pierce

Coach Pierce returned to Ridley as the Boys Head Coach in 2014. He brings over 12 years of coaching experience to the Green Raiders. [Read Bio]

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