Coaching Compass: Sharing My North, South, East & West

Do you know where you’re going or where you want to go in the coaching profession? No matter where you are in your coaching career, you should always trust your gut feelings and follow your internal compass!

“A compass is a device that shows the cardinal directions used for navigation and geographic orientation”


Yes, in order to be successful, it’s important for us coaches to know our “why”, define our (coaching) values, our own vision (goals) and mission (career roadmap). And there are plenty of resources on these things floating in the global pool that we call the “Internet”. However, in finding your “True North” you will decide what you value most in coaching (maybe even in life) and put your purpose and beliefs at the forefront of your doing (coaching) to discover your authentic self. And despite many similarities, no two people will have the same “True North”. These things represent you as a person (coach) on the deepest level and will help you become the best person (coach & leader) you can be!

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