Streamline Teams – Coach Convention 2023

Always get left behind for conventions? Work another job and can’t dedicate the time to going in person? Looking for fresh ideas and an opportunity to learn from your peers? Like saving money and can send more of your staff when you don’t have to also pay for travel?

Save your travel budget! Experience the same great talks and content from the comfort of your home or office. The best part, you can work through content at your own pace!

Listen to talks during your personal workout or on your commute to the pool. All of the talks will also be available in the mobile app, just log in through your coach profile!

The Streamline Teams Coach Convention will be available
from April 15 – October 31 of 2023!
$100 Per Coach

Connecting Coaches to Coaches – join the “LinkedIn” for swimming coaches today!
It’s free to join the community!

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