The Swim Brief – Real Talk With Alexis Keto

This week we managed to nab Alexis Keto for our Podcast. We addressed some uncomfortable topics and although there were some “Women in Coaching” questions, the discussion went to a lot of places.

Both Alexis and Chris talk about some of the lessons they’ve learned in the context of that, and Alexis gives out some tough love.

“Background” for this episode’s discussion:

Women represent an untapped resource throughout the sport community. While female athletes constitute as much as 50 percent of the members of national teams, the percentage of women who coach at that level is dramatically lower. Women have different life and leadership experiences, values, and attitudes which equip them with valuable sport expertise and perspective. Traditionally, women involved in coaching have tended to work with younger athletes due to perceptions that they are better equipped to ‘mother’ and nurture than their male counterparts. This, however, may only serve to enforce the notion that the high-performance environment is ‘too tough’ for women.

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Episode: #4
Host: Chris DeSantis
Guest: Nico Messer
Special Guest: Alexis Keto
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This episode’s challenge:
Male coaches approach at least one female counterpart at your next meet.

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