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01/16/2013 PM – Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (Schroeder North)

01/16/2013 PM – Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (Schroeder North)

Light warm-up today and longer than average pre-set (get the heart rate up and the athletes ready for whats to come).

Main set today is 30 x 100s’. The butterfly inclined athletes will swim butterfly, everyone else will swim freestyle (Butterfly = first 5 without fins / the rest with fins). The main set is a failure set. The athletes should fail sometime during the duration of the set, but the goal it to test not only their physical aptitude, but their mental fortitude as well. Can they mentally push past their perceived physical breaking point?

The first 5 swims are on 2:00 (SCY) and the athletes are descending, white to purple, according to a set of T-30 endurance training paces which are based on the average time per 100 for a 30 minute swim (each athlete in groups 2 and 3 at Schroeder North have an quantified aerobic base and a set of training paces that we use at least twice a week).

The next 10 swims (#’s 6-15) are on 2:00 (SCY) and the athletes are attempting to hold sub-purple on each swim. The next 10 swims (#’s 16-25) are on 1:45 (SCY) and the athletes are attempting to hold sub-purple, but this time with less rest. The last 5 swims (#’s 26-30) are on 1:30 (SCY).

Example of T-30 Paces for athlete “John Doe” (taken from Schroeder Modified Endurance Training Pace Chart):
Name: John Doe – Stroke: Backstroke
T-30 Base: 1:10.00 – White Pace: 1:10.60 – Pink Pace: 1:08.30 – Red Pace: 1:07.10 – Blue Pace: 1:04.90 – Purple Pace: 1:02.50 – Sub-Purple: anything under 1:02.50 (preferably should be holding 1:00.00 or faster)

Year 1, Week 19, Day 4, Practice 1 (01/16/2013 PM)
1241 Days until 2016 US Olympic Swimming Trials

400 swim
2 x 200 IM on 3:30 (1 Drill / 1 Swim)
4 x 100 IM on 1:45

8 x 50 on :50
25: easy / fast x 25
25: Build to Sprint

10 x 100 on 1:45 – with fins
25 Under Water
25 heads-up free
25 easy swim
25 Butterfly, fast

30 x 100 – VO2 the Max
1 – 5: Descend (White to Purple) on 2:00
6 – 15: Sub-Purple on 2:00
16 – 25: Sub-Purple on 1:45
26 – 30: Sub-Purple on 1:30

200 cool-down


Team Talk:
How was the set? When did your body break? When did your mind break? Did your mind break? How can we connect this lesson to a meet/race type situation? How was this set connected to situations that you face outside of the pool?

This free workout was provided by Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center / Schroeder YMCA Swim Team Head Age Group Coach Harmilee Cousin III.

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