100 x 100’s on the 100

Everyone has their version of the 100×100 set. Here is the set that I had done with the high school team I used to coach. The time interval is not extremely taxing but just getting through the workout is tough mentally.

One Hundred 100s on the 100

Warmup/Stretch (1000 + stretches)
5X100 – 50 Brst, 50 Free 1:40
5X100 – Mixer 1:40
5X100 – Stretches – Hold for 100 count 1:40
5X100 – Stretches – Hold for 100 count 1:40

Main Set – Try to hold 1:40 in order to finish set
5X100 Free 1:40
5X100 {25 Kick w/ Boards – 75 Swim Choice}
5X100 Free
5X100 {50 Prime, 50 Free}
5X100 Free
5X100 {25 Worst stroke, 25 Prime, 50 Free}
5X100 Free
5X100 {25 underwater, 25 swim choice, 50 Free — fins}
5X100 Free
5X100 Progressive Fly (2-cycle, 3-cycle, 4-cycle, 5-cycle)
5X100 Free – fins
5X100 {25 Dolphin on back, 25 dolphin on side, 50 Free – fins}
5X100 Choice – fins
5X100 IM – fast, EZ, fast, EZ, fast – by 100
5X100 Free – fins – fast

5X100 Warm down set
Breast — 1 up, 2 down FGWLT
Easy back FGWLT
Finger Drag FGWLT
Elem Back FGWLT
*FGWLT = First Goes When Last Touches


This workout was provided by Cabrini College Swimming Assistant Coach Kevin Pierce.

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