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April 10, 2013 – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

This is a quick workout that we did during the 3rd week of our Spring Training program. The workout included a short workout in the pool, dryland and a timed crossfit exercise.

Swimming Portion

1×900 @ 15:00 Choice (No more than a 300 Kick)

5:00 Stretch
@ :15 Get in the water

8×50 @ :45 (Desc. 1-4, 5-8)

Reset @1:30

Main Set:
1×300 @ 4:00 (3rd 75 fast)
6×50 @ :45 (Desc. 1-3)
1×250 @ 3:40 (4th 50 fast)
5×50 @ :45 (Desc. 1-3, 4ez, 5fast)
1×200 @ 2:40 (3rd 50 fast)
4×50 @ :45 (Desc. 1-4)
1×150 @ 2:00 (2nd 50 fast)
3×50 @ :45 (Desc. 1-3)
1×100 @ 1:20 (3rd 25 fast)
2×50 @ :45 (Desc. 1-2)

Cool Down:
1×200 @ 3:30 EZ


Dryland and Crossfit Portion

15:00 Warm-Up (Stationary Bike, Treadmill or Elliptical)

Bands 2×20 Each

Chest Fly
Full Stroke
Tricep Extension
Front Shoulder Raise
Hip Flexion / Extension

Abs 2×25 Eeach

Regular Crunch

Timed Portion
1.5 Mile run
600yd Swim

Additional Comments:
The dryland portion of this workout is not for time. Once we finished going through the exercises we went out to a track right next to the pool – the swimmers then ran 1.5 miles, sprinted to the pool and got immediately into the water for the swim portion. There is no transition time from the run into the swim. Our fastest time for the run and swim was a 15:46.36

This free workout was provided by Indiana University of Pennsylvania Assistant Coach Joshua Huger.

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About Joshua Huger

Josh Huger enters his second season with the H2Okies as now the assistant swim coach and recruiting coordinator. [Full Bio]

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