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April 24, 2013 – T2 Aquatics

April 24, 2013 – T2 Aquatics

Success in high level racing depends on an athlete’s ability to accelerate through the middle portion of the swim. We like to find ways to practice this skill in training. This workout is an example from our Wednesday morning practice.

Friday April 24, 2013 – AM

400 Swim
4×100 Free {50 2R 2L + 50 Swim}
4×50 Drill 1 of each

3×50 Free-Back Swim (50) + 1×150 Kick on Board (220)
All 150s: Kick the first 100 at 118-120 or 123-125; Kick the final 50 FAST!
Rest 1:30
8×25 (30) “Supercatch-up” at 12-13 seconds
“Supercatch-up” = 3 strokes plus 8 Kicks in Catch-up Position, drive the kick

200 25 Free with last 5M underwater + underwater turn + 25 DBL arm Back (breathe every other)

100 Free Pull-Swim (105) + 50 Free Pull (105)
All 100s: Pull 29-31 first 50, then Fast 2nd 50; all 50s with 3 breaths down / 2 breaths back
All 100s = Paddles and PB for the first 50; drop PB and Swim with Paddles / Big Kick for the 2nd 50

200 25 Free with last 5M underwater + underwater turn + 25 DBL arm Back (breathe every other)

12×125 (125) – hold 111-114 OR 8×125 (135) hold 115-118

Swim Down 300 – every 4th 25 fast underwater kick from a dive

WORKOUT TOTAL: 6100-5600

Additional Comments:
I figured out after the practice that the times I was asking for at the beginning of the Kicking and Pulling 100s was a touch too easy. We had a few people who should have kicked their first 100 at 112-115 instead of 118-120. The Pulling set should have called for 27.5-28.5 for most on the first 50, then fast — because we were getting quite a bit of separation in pace on the two 50s (29.2-25.4 instead of what I’d prefer 27.7-25.9).

It was an excellent workout. Many athletes showed that they can kick/swim very fast on pretty much every repeat. We had a bit of descending, but for the most part athletes started fast and finished faster.

This free workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

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About Paul Yetter

Paul Yetter became NBAC’s Head Senior Coach in November 2016. Prior to the Fall of 2016, Paul was the Head Coach of T2 Aquatics (Naples, FL 2010-2016). [Read Bio]

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