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Aug 28, 2012 – Ironman Mike Aigroz

This workout is from professional Ironman athlete Mike Aigroz, as he’s getting ready to compete in the Ironman 70.3 Ireland. Recovery and time constraints – 1h was all we had this morning – due to race preparations are important only a few days out of a competition. 

Warm-up (2 rounds):
200 Free DPS (R1: swim – R2: pull)
2×100 Free (R1: build – R2: neg.-split.) @1’40
2×50 1.: 25 free FAST, 25 smooth choice, 2.: 15 free sprint, 35 easy choice @1’

Main Set:
500 Free DPS w/paddles and ankle strap
5×100 Free cruise @1’20
2×50 as 15 free sprint, 35 smooth choice @1’

300 Free DPS w/ankle strap (paddles optional)
3×100 Free smooth pace @1’25
2×50 as 15 free sprint, 35 smooth choice @1’

100 Free DPS w/paddles @1’30
100 Free easy speed w/paddles @1’30
2×50 w/paddles as 15 free sprint, 35 smooth choice @1’

Swim Down:
100 Easy choice


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Nico is currently not involved with a team. This past season he has been the Coach for the Swiss Swimming Army National Team. [Read Bio]

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