Aug 28, 2012 – Ironman Mike Aigroz

This workout was written for professional Ironman athlete Mike Aigroz as he was getting ready to compete at the Ironman 70.3 Ireland. Lots of “last minute” race preparations need to be done just a few days before a race and therefore one hour was all we had in the pool this morning. Mostly low-end aerobic recovery focused work including a few short sprints.

Workout AM

Warm-up (2 rounds):
200 Free DPS (R1: swim – R2: pull)
2×100 Free (R1: build – R2: neg.-split.) @1’40
2×50 1.: 25 free FAST, 25 smooth choice, 2.: 15 free sprint, 35 easy choice @1’

Main Set:
500 Free DPS w/paddles and ankle strap
5×100 Free cruise @1’20
2×50 as 15 free sprint, 35 smooth choice @1’

300 Free DPS w/ankle strap (paddles optional)
3×100 Free smooth pace @1’25
2×50 as 15 free sprint, 35 smooth choice @1’

100 Free DPS w/paddles @1’30
100 Free easy speed w/paddles @1’30
2×50 w/paddles as 15 free sprint, 35 smooth choice @1’

Swim Down:
100 Easy choice


This workout was provided by Coach Nico Messer.

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