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Cabrini College – Training for the Mile

This workout was done in preparation for our December Invite which is this weekend. None of our distance swimmers have had the chance yet to swim the 1650 so we wanted to give them a chance to see where they are with their training.

3×500 8:00 200 Fr 100 Back 200 Fr

3×200 3:30 50 Drill / 50 Kick/ 50 Drill/ 50 Swim

6×75 1:00 Free

2x (5×100 2:00 1000 Pace, 1×100 Easy Swim)

1×1650 25:00 Broken

1x 200 Easy Swim

2x (2×200 IM 4:00 25 Kick /25 Drill, 2x 100 IM 2:00 Swim)

1x 200 Easy Swim


Additional Comments
The Broken 1650 is to be swum as follows :

1×25 R 15
1×50 R 20
1×75 R 25
1×100 R 30
1×125 R 35
1×150 R 40
1×175 R 45
1×200 R 50
1×225 R 55
1×250 R 1:00

The total rest time for this set is 6:15. So take the total time of the broken swim and subtract 6:15 to get their mile time. Obviously this set is to be done at race pace. We have seen this set give a pretty good indication as to where the 1650 will be.

This free workout was provided by Cabrini College Swimming Assistant Coach Kevin Pierce.

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About Kevin Pierce

Coach Pierce returned to Ridley as the Boys Head Coach in 2014. He brings over 12 years of coaching experience to the Green Raiders. [Read Bio]

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