Feb 22, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

This a “breaststroke” workout, with a fly bonus set. The breaststroke set (4×200 down to 4×50) incorporates a drill “2 on 2 under” as a major part of the set. As an athlete progresses from the 200s through the 150s, 100s, and 50s, the pace gets quicker.

The 2 on 2 under drill is simple in theory, but difficult to do well. An athlete takes 2 full surface strokes followed by 2 full underwater strokes. The underwater strokes are normal breaststroke-style strokes — not pullout strokes. The key is to maintain DPC as well as tempo as you go through each repeat. I think the second underwater stroke, and its transition into the first surface stroke is key … it must be done well, with a seamless transfer from the underwater portion to the surface portion.

The intervals start at (250) for the 200s, which is (10) under (130) base. For the 150s it goes to (210) which is (5) under (130) base, and then for the 100s it’s (130) which is right on (130) base. The 50s are (10) over (130) base at (55). I think it’s important to design the intervals like this on this particular set, because as you go through the back-end of the set the ratio of breaststroke to non-breaststroke (and hypoxic breaststroke at that) is much higher than during the front end of the set — AND there will be less rest for the swimmer as the total repeat distance decreases (holding :40 on a 1:30 base gets you :20 seconds on a 200, but only :05 on a 50). I’d prefer something closer to 15-25 seconds rest, consistently throughout the set, per repeat.

The fly drill and back swim keep the set moving at the front-end, without overdoing the amount of total breaststroke, while simultaneously training IM transitions. All strokes must be done well for this to be effective — and it must be FAST!


4x: 150 Free + 100 Kick + 150 Drill Fly-Back-Breast + 100 Pull
6x: 75 Back-Breast-Free (110) + 50 Free-Fly Drill 3.3.Full (50) + 25 Fly (30)

Main Series (faster and more intense as you go):
4×200 (250) 50 Fly Drill 3.3.3 + 50 Back + 50 2 on 2 under Breast + 50 Breast
4×150 (210) 50 Back + 50 2 on 2 under Breast + 50 Breast
4×100 (130) 50 2 on 2 under Breast + 50 Breast
4×50 (55) Breast

300 {25 Free + 25 non Free + 25 Side Kick Flutter}

3 Free (40) moderate 3 Fly (40) work it

Swim Down:
300 easy {50 Free + 25 DBL arm Back}

Additional Comments:
Out of a 2000 yard set, 1400 of it is Breaststroke as it is — which is enough breaststroke for the training group I have right now! The fly set at the end is set I picked up from Coach Bowman at NBAC … a nice way to finish up the practice.


This workout was provided by T2 Aquatics head coach Paul Yetter.

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