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Feb 4, 2013 – NTC Aquatics

Feb 4, 2013 – NTC Aquatics

Part of our weekly cycle of training with our Senior Group is dedicated to working all four strokes together. It is our goal to develop the complete student athlete in all four strokes.

Here is an example of what our afternoon workout was tonight for one section of our Senior Group. This morning was more of an aerobic technique with mixed pulling and some kicking drills. However, tonight we emphasized work on threshold. Enjoy!

Warm Up:
400 free
4×100 IM
4×50 choice descending from 1.-4.

3×300 kick freestyle w/kickboard @4:30

20×25’s @30′
fly: 2-2-2
back: spin drill
breast: breast pull + flutter kick
free: body roll

4×150’s @10′ 100 breaststroke kick with snorkel, streamline and double pull outs of every wall and 50 Breaststroke swim fast (@50 tempo)

16×100’s freestyle with Zoomers @1:15. 75 yards overkick + 25 BLAST!
Make sure you pay attention to walls as we are looking for 7-8 EFFECTIVE dolphin kicks with excellent breakouts!

400 IM’s from 90% to MAX EFFORT
4x(50 fly @45 + 150 @2:00 :100 back,50 breast)
4x(50 back @45 + 150 @2:00 :100 breast,50 free)
4x(50 breast @45 + 150 @2:00 :150 free)

Warm Down Swim/Kick:
500 swim and kick with fins (optional)


Additional Comments
Our goals for this group were based on four key points:

  • Eliminate IM weaknesses.
  • Attacking Backstroke/Breastroke is a MUST.
  • Excellent sense of pace.
  • Transitions, transitions, transitions.

This free workout was provided by NTC Aquatics Head Coach Ozzie Quevedo.

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About Ozzie Quevedo

Ozzie Quevedo is in his first season as an assistant coach at Florida State. Quevedo comes to FSU after serving as an assistant coach at Auburn. [Full Bio]

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