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Hamilton Aquatics – Elite Squad – Early Season Progression

Hamilton Aquatics – Elite Squad – Early Season Progression

Early Season Freestyle Stroke Progression. This session is aimed at working a strong kick into a streamline body line for Freestyle stroke development.

It is important to constantly give feedback to the swimmers to ensure great body line and core engagement through the stroke. This set should then develop further over the coming weeks to progress into a strong and efficient stroke, ready for a higher volume and intensity as we get further into the season.


1 x 600 as 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly Kick Back
1 x 400 as IM – 25 Kick, 50 Drill, 25 Swim
1 x 200 as Free Pull – 25 DPS (Min Breaths), 25 Fast (Reg Breaths)

20 x 50 Fast Free Kick – Snorkel on 1.00
5 – Streamline position — 5 – Superman position, with flat body position
5 – Superman position, with hips rotated at 45 degrees — 5 – Superman position, completely on side

10 x 100 Free Drills – Snorkel/Fins on 1.45
Odds: 50 6 Second Rotation Drill, 50 3 Tap Drill
Evens: 50 Single Arm Drill, 50 Low SC Swim (Relaxed) – Agility Paddles Optional

20 x 25 UW Fins on 35 – 1 Front, 1 Back, 1 Left, 1 Right (focus on movement, not speed)

20 x 12.5m Widths – 1 Front, 1 Back, 1 Left, 1 Right
(focus on holding movement, but at speed; reduce rest but hold quality)

1 x 200 as 25 Feet First Scull, 25 Double Arm Back
2 x 100 as 1) No4 Stroke Drills 2) Mixed Scull – Snorkel & PB @ Ankles

> 20-30 Minutes Partner Stretching

Workout Total: 4350

This workout was provided by Hamilton Aquatics Dubai Head Coach Ash Morris.

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About Ash Morris

Coach Ash Morris has been the Head Coach of Hamilton Aquatics Dubai since August 2009. [Read Bio]

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