July 17, 2013 – Rattler Swim Club JO Group Practice

This workout is dedicated to working race strategy through the design of the main set. This is a set given to 12 and under swimmers as a way to teach them our standard 200 race plan, which is to build the first 100, then race.

This particular set was given as a freestyle workout but can be done for stroke as well. Some “broken 100’s” at the end are to make sure we reinforce explosive and proper starts, turns and finishes as they are tired towards the end of practice.

4×150 @ 2:45
50 12 k sw/50 straight arm c-up/50 DPS

400 Neuro IM

1×150 @ 3:00 kick on board at 3rd gear
1×100 @ 1:50 kick on board at 4th gear
1×50 @ :50 kick on board at 5th gear

**rest about :30 in between rounds**

1×200 EZ choice kick on board

3×100 @ Rd1 1:30, Rd2 1:20, Rd 3 w/ fins 1:10
*descend 100’s 1-3
6×25 @ 25 sprint free from start on each end
*Rd3 & 6 @ :20 w/ fins

1×200 EZ choice w/ “Tennessee Turns” (underwater two hand touch turns on each wall, working tight, fast wall work)

“Broken 100’s”

1×37.5 @ :45 SPRINT from dive
1×50 @ :45 SPRINT, working double turns
1×12.5 @ :45 SPRINT no breath

5×50 @ 1:00
#1 5th gear, #2 4th gear, #3 3rd gear, #4 2nd gear, #5 for time, slowest swim wins


Additional Comments:
I am HUGE on making sure that much of what we do directly translates to something within their race, whether it be race strategy, hypoxic work, stroke technique work, whatever. This workout works 200 pace work in Main #1 and 100 sprint work on Main #2. The kids were exhausted but they handled the practice like Champs!

This free workout was provided by Rattler Swim Club Head Age Group Coach Adrian Dinis.

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