Jun 23, 2016 – PSA – Capacity Session – Anaerobic Power Set

Thursday morning workout focussing on race strategy within the main sets. I also added on an anaerobic power swim with a long recovery set of 200’s with fins at the end to swim lactates back down to LA1 levels.

Workout AM

Set 1:
400m Free with fins
2 x 200m 75 back, 25 breast with fins
4 x 100m choice Kk/swim/drill/swim with fins

Set 2:
16 x 25m 1 EZ/fast, 1 fast/EZ, 1 All fast, 1 all EZ @ :30

Set 3 – Anaerobic Power – Mid Distance:
1 x 200m Broken after each 50m for 5 seconds
Race Quality as follows:
– 50m soft kick and focussing on DPS
– 50m build stroke rate and kick speed
– 50m increase stroke rate maintaining kick speed and building kick power
– 50m sprint with explosive kick keeping stroke rate high

Set 4 (2 rounds):
Round 1 = Speciality on 50’s and 100’s — Round 2 = Free on 50’s and 100’s

4 x 50m @ 1:00/:50/:45/:40 Focus on Stroke Rate increasing on each consecutive 50m
4 x 75m @ 1:15/1:10/1:05/1:00 Free – 25 soft kick, 25 hard kick, 25m Race
All freestyle swim on the 75’s only
3 x 100m @ R10 Negative Split Spec/free by round

Set 5:
6 x 100m Kick @ 2:00 All Fast

Set 6:
8 x 200m swim EZ with fins 75 free, 25 back

Set 7:
400m swim down


This workout was provided by Peninsula Sports Academy Head Coach Alex Webb.

Additional Comments:
When it comes to race strategy I want my swimmers to be very controlled assessment n their first 1/4 of the race and to keep their kick light. The reason for this is that if they over kick and over rate the first 1/4 it will spike their lactates early and they will struggle in the last 1/4 of the race. As you may know too much Anaerobic work in training will also result in your swimmers hitting the proverbial wall in the last 1/4 of the race.

Therefore keep anaerobic work low during the season and if the swimmers control their kick by kicking soft in the 1st 1/4 of the race they will be much stronger on the second half and can then negative split or even split their races. This is a major goal for our coaching team and swimmers to even split races!

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