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Luther College – Boys with Toys

This workout was something we did with our sprinters to give them a feel of power in the water. We call it our “Boys with Toys” workout.

Things you need:

  • Chutes (we use FINIS brand) Both Red and Blue.
  • Five empty 5 gallon paint buckets with a 4 ft stretch cord tied to the handle with some type of belt to tie around waits.
  • Drag Socks, 6-8pair

We have three stations of each:

  1. Bucket sprints using a Tempo Trainer set at the specific tempo (varied from .48-1.10) for that persons 100 event
  2. Chutes
  3. Drag socks

Warm up:
5 min choice swim, 5 min choice kick, 5 min swim every 3rd length fast controlled
8×25 Main Stroke @ 30

Each station should last 10-12 minutes to utilize the max effort for each person.

Station 1:
Bucket Sprints Relay style. Split group to even numbers on each end. Repeat sprints holding tempo. Rest varies per lane.

Station 2:
Parachute swims. Each person should perform 3×100 fast with a chute. 50 main stroke/50 free. One at a time. Rest is normally about 2 min per person. Freestyle/Backstroke used blue chutes. Fly/Breast used red chutes.

Station 3:
Drag socks. 4x(2×25) 1st 25 sprint, 2nd 25 streamline kick under water fast. All on 1:00

After all stations are completed: Timed 100 All Out main event!

Warm down:
600 with snorkel


Additional Comments
Be sure that your sprinters can handle the high stress from sprinting with drag before performing this set. The is used for college men. I would adapt it by reducing the amount of sprinting volume or intensity based on age group, gender or strength.

This set lasted 45 min (1:30 with warm up and warm down)

This free workout was provided by Luther College Men’s & Women’s Swim Coach Lance Huber.

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