May 2, 2013 – NTC Aquatics

We are currently in our second week of quality training for those student athletes getting ready for championship season this summer: Senior Champs, Jr Nationals and US Open.

NTC Aquatics Pool (Florida)

The volume has never been a factor in my program but when talking about quality; we make sure they stay around 50-65 Km, depending on the placement of the week in the seasonal plan. Swimmers at this stage do more IM work as straight IM sets. The main sets of intensity in the week are usually wednesday afternoon and saturday morning.


400 FR / 4×100 IM / 4×50 Choice (we stress the importance of increase intensity through the warm up)

10×50’s (25 Fly swim/ 15 Free swim) @’50

1×600 Free pull negative split @’15 Rest
6×100 Free @ 1:20 DESC 1-3 (twice)
1×400 Free swim negative split @’15 Rest
4×100 Free @ 1:20 desc 1-4
1×200 Free swim negative split @’15 Rest
2×100 Free @1:20 negative split

100 Fly @ individual checking speed @ 1:30
50 Fly @ 200 IM pace @’50
50 Fly/Back by 25s @ 200 IM stroke rate @’50
100 Back @ individual checking speed @ 1:30
50 Back @ 200 IM pace, @’50
50 Back/Breast by 25s @ 200 IM stroke rate @’50
100 Breast @ individual checking speed @ 1:40
50 Breast @ 200 IM pace, @’50
50 Breast/Free by 25s @ 200 IM stroke rate @’50
100 Free @ individual checking speed @ 1:20
50 Free @ 200 IM pace, @’45
50 Free @ 200 IM stroke rate @’45
* This set was done twice through, and careful thought was given to those remarks (stroke rate, pace and individual checking speed)

8X150’s kicking (main stroke) @3:00

12X50’s pulling with ankle bands freestyle @ 1:00
Our goal was to match the best of their abilities the number of strokes per lap vs. the time in the actual 50.

1X200 warm down


Additional Comments
The actual race pace can be determined by using a nice tool which has been around for sometime: strengths and weaknesses chart. However, before jumping in these kind of sets, such chart will allow the swimmer to establish target percentages of each stroke for the individual medley.

This free workout was provided by NTC Aquatics Head Coach Ozzie Quevedo.

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