May 20, 2019 – Warrender Baths

This session is aiming primarily at the development of aerobic capacity. Furthermore, the short intensive parts will stimulate the development of the anaerobic capacity.

The main set consists of low-level aerobic type of work spiced up with short intense fractions. It is crucial that those short intense fractions are executed at the prescribed intensity/target time/stroke rate in order to create a big intensity contrast in the set (slow vs very fast) and consequently stimulate the anaerobic metabolism. Apart from this physiological benefit, in those short intense fractions the swimmers work on the desired race pace/stroke rate.

Workout – AEC/ANC Session

Warm up:
1 x 400 m 200 free-100 form-100 choice +30 secs
3 x 100 m reverse rolling IM 25 kick-25 drill +15 secs
(i.e. #1 50 free-50 breast; #2 50 breast-50 back; #3 50 back-50 fly)
4 x 50 m No1 drills (choice equipment) +15 secs
3 x 100 m 50 fly kick (20 max u/w-30 resisted*)-50 rotational kick + fins +15 secs
6 x 50 m No1 odds drill evens swim 25 DPS-25 build→max finish + fins +15 secs

* resisted fly kick = any variation of fly kick with resistance, e.g. fly kick on back holding arms above water perpendicular to the body or fly kick on front with arms out to the side

2 x (30 secs extra rest between rounds):
2 x 250 m A1 50 IMO-75 free +25 secs
2 x 200 m 2 free-2 No1 150 A1-50 at 200 pace +25 secs
> 1-minute extra rest <

3 x (30 secs extra rest between rounds):
1 x 200 m A1 100 back-100 free +20 secs
6 x 50 m odds A1 free evens No1 1 25 at 100 pace-25 A1/1 35 at 100 pace-15 A1/1 back end 100-m race +15 secs

4 x 100 m REC 25 overkick free-75 choice swim + fins +10 secs

Workout Total: 5200

This workout was provided by Warrender Baths Club Performance Coach Kostas Kalitsis.

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