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Nov 1, 2012 – Jarfalla Swimclub

The focus of this workout is quality. The goal is to build up speed through each distance/set and through the whole series of sets. This was the first time we did this set and the swimmers did it with excellence. Good work!

Choice – same warm up as at meets (45 minutes)

Main Set:
On the 75’s there are different speeds that builds up to high anaerobic speed. Last 4×75 is maximum effort.

4×75 Pace sp 400/200 (25/50) on 1:45
300 easy
4×75 Pace sp 200/100 (50/25) on 2:15
300 easy
4×75 sp ‘go for it’ on 3:00

Swim Down:
12×100 w/10 sec rest. 3 high, 3 M, 3 Pull, 3 choice

WORKOUT TOTAL: 2700 (without warm-up)

This free workout was provided by Jarfalla Swimclub Head Coach Fredrik “Ludde” Lundin.

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About Fredrik Lundin

Fredrik “Ludde” Lundin is the owner & Head Coach at Lundin Coaching & Consulting AB and Head Coach of the triathlete Lisa Nordén. [Full Bio]

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