Nov 20, 2012 – T2 Aquatics – Post-Graduate Meet-Prep

Lately I’ve been putting out some “Age Group — Based” workouts. “Age Group”, to me, refers to 18 and under athletes. This workout is a Post-Graduate Meet-prep workout done by Erika Erndl 9 days out of our Winter Nationals meet in Austin. At the meet, Erika swam 3 events in 3 lifetime best times! We tend to swim higher lactate-type swims (particularly in the Spring/Summer) as we approach a Championship meet, but once we get inside 2 weeks, we keep the high-lactate stuff to a minimum and instead focus on great stroke technique and strong (but not quite all-out) swimming. Every athlete is different, and certainly what works for one type of athlete may or may not work for another – but we’ve found that this sort of meet approach works well for Erika.

The main set here is 12×100 (140) – descending to a pace that is 5-7 seconds over her lifetime best 100 yard time. Erika was 54 on the first, 53.8 on the second, and 53.2 on the third. All swims were even or negative split. Erika could have gone faster on these 100s, but testing our mettle in a practice 9 days out is not the point! We wanted some swims that were evenly paced and simply approached the race pace she will hold … with confidence that the 10% of energy she didn’t tap into would come out on the race day. The set of 50s leading into the set of 100s was meant to set up the 100s … and I think the even stroke count used on this set helps the athlete focus on technique and rhythm leading into the set of 100s.

Workout AM

400 Swim + 300 Kick-Drill + 200 Pull + 100 Back-Breast

4x: 25 (40) 12.5 Fast + 50 (1) Drill-Swim x25 + 75 (120) Free 5th

12×50 (50) IM Transition – 3 of each: {Fly-Back; Back-Breast; Breast-Free; Free-Fly}

3×200 Pull (240) {100 5th + 100 4th}

1×200 Stroke Drills

12×50 (1) every 4th Fast* with even stroke count

1×300 {25 Free + 25 Back + 25 Stroke Drill}

12×100 (140) every 4th Fast* at +5-7 Goal Time

1×200 easy with underwater + opposite turns

3 Jumps + 2 Dives


This workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

Additional Comments:
Have Fun — You should be able to hit the 100 “Paces” without going all out!

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