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NTC Aquatics – Developing Underwaters

NTC Aquatics – Developing Underwaters

I recently came back from the 2013 Arena Grand Prix Series at Orlando FL and also from a Last Chance Meet in Clearwater FL. After observing both of my Teams (Senior and Age Groups), I decided to pay more attention to the “details” in swimming.

I call details to those very important aspects of fast swimming. The most critical this weekend was our turns, breakouts and underwater dolphin kicks. Today’s workouts is the one we did this morning with our Senior Group at 5:30 AM. We spent a great deal working on these details and making sure our student athletes understand the importance of them.

Fast swimming to our organization is simply a combination of every aspect that will make our student athletes swim more efficiently, with less drag and with flawless technique. Yes, they must be in shape and ready to go but also everything must click and be in sync.

Warm Up:
400 FREE / 4×100 IM / 4×50 CHOICE.

Pre Set:
16×25’s ALL FREESTYLE @ 25′, finishing with a flip turn at the end.

3x(2×50’s+4×25’s+2×50’s) @ 50’/30’/50
50’s are at even pace, 25’s are ALL OUT and NO BREATHING. No matter what stroke!

4x(2×50’s+100) @45’s/1:30
50’s are FAST KICKING, 100’s are 12 1/2 underwater fast and 12 1/2 swim at race pace!

Main Set:
3x(3×50’s+200) @40/2:40
50’s are at Pace200+5/Pace200+3/Pace200 By Rounds. It was suggest to work on stroke specific and pay close attention to the transitions (turns), breakouts, streamlines, etc. 200’s are swimming long but sprinting 10 yards coming into the wall and 10 yards off the wall.

Warm Down:
200 Easy


Additional Comments
The performance was there this morning and the whole group came out of practice excited and ready to go for tonight. We must continue working on details.

This free workout was provided by NTC Aquatics Head Coach Ozzie Quevedo.

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About Ozzie Quevedo

Ozzie Quevedo is in his first season as an assistant coach at Florida State. Quevedo comes to FSU after serving as an assistant coach at Auburn. [Full Bio]

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