Oct 20, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

The Main Series in this workout should be viewed in two parts. Here’s my thought process with planning this type of workout:

First, I set up the Main Series, which is geared toward cycling through a set of 150s and 75s freestyle. I’d like the 150s to be fast, and the 75s to be faster. Next, I set up the “Pre-Set”. In the case of today’s workout our preset was set up to mimic the main series. By setting the practice up this way, the athletes were able to get a sense of “how” to do the main series — enabling them to jump into the main series and perform well right away.

{I have an aversion at times to going through a set 4 or 5 times. I like 3 times, or perhaps 6 or 9 times. I’d prefer to get the athletes “on track” for success with a mini version of the same set, then set it up so they only do the set 3 times – instead of 4 or 5. I’m pretty careful about taking too much rest between sets … we may take 2 minutes or 2:30 at the most, and we’re right into it.}

We had a 15 year old boy leading the group today. On the pre-set he was able to do 39s for the 75s and 26.4 to 25.9 for the 50s. On the main series he was able to do: 1:23/40.0; 1:22.5/39.2; 1:22.5/39.6. A few of the other guys went something like this: 1:30/40-44; 128/39-42; 126-128/39-42.

Workout AM

500 Free-nonFree x50 + 400 Free IM + 300 Pull + 200 IM Drill + 100 Back-Breast

12×50 Kick (105) descend 1-3

1×400 {50 DBL arm Back + 50 Free PB 5th}

9×100 Pull (120, 115, 110) descend 1-3

1×100 Free IM (125)
1×75 Free* (105) *descend 1-3
1×75 Back-Breast-Free (105)
1×50 Free** (45) * *descend 1-3
4×25 (30) + Extra 10

1×200 Free IM (245)
1×150 Free* (155)*descend 1-3
1×125 Free IM (150)
1×75 Free** (105) **descend 1-3
3×50 Mix (45) + Extra 15

300 easy with underwater turns + Starts


This workout was provided by T2 Aquatics Head Coach Paul Yetter.

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11 years ago

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