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Schroeder YMCA Swim Team – Animal Kick

Schroeder YMCA Swim Team – Animal Kick

Every Friday, the athletes swim a set called “Animal Kick”. It is 10 x 100’s HARD KICK on 1:45 (SCY) / 2:00 (LCM). The athletes kick their “perceived” #1 stroke (so the butterfly inclined athletes kick 10 x 100s’ butterfly, etc).

At the end of the set, I either want to know the athletes approximate average (if the athlete made all 10 x 100s’ on the interval) or their total time (if the athlete missed one or more 100s’ on the interval).

I record the averages every week (via the computer or my tablet), and post them for the athletes and their parents to see. As the athletes get faster throughout the weeks, I will drop the interval. For example; when an athlete is able to make all 10 x 100s’ while holding an average of 1:25 (SCY) or faster, I will drop the interval to 1:30 (SCY) / 1:45 (LCM).

Practice ends with some active rest. Today, the athletes swam [100 + 100 easy swim]s’ and [50 + 50 easy swim]s’. Instead of the athletes getting rest on the remainder of an interval, the “rest” comes in the form of some easy recovery swimming that is preceded by an intense, fast swim.

Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center
Schroeder YMCA Swim Team (Schroeder North – Group 3)

Week 1, Day 5, Practice 1 (09/14/2012 PM)

5 x 200 IM (25 crunches in between each one)
10 x 50 Freestyle on :40 / :50 / 1:00

8 x 75 on 1:10/1:20/1:30
25 stroke, no free
25 easy swim
25 ALL-OUT!!

10 x 100 on 1:45 – ANIMAL KICK!!!

  • Best Average, for time!
  • If you miss the interval, keep going until you have kicked all 10.
  • After the set, I want to know your average (or total time).
  • If you don’t know your average or total time, we will start over!

6 x [100 + 100 easy]
D1 – 3
D4 – 6

2 x [4 x (50 + 50 easy)]

Round 1: D1 – 4, freestyle
Round 2: D1 – 4, your #1 stroke (no freestyle)

200 cool-down


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